WELCOME! Come on in!

Sparkle&Snark is a lifestyle company for authors founded by the folks at Possibilities Publishing Company.

Sparkle&Snark grew out of the belief in the recipe of a good dose of SPARKLE + a solid helping of  SNARK will result in  success (and maintaining sanity) for writers.

Because being a writer is hard, you guys. It’s putting yourself out there through your words, and then putting yourself out there LITERALLY  when you become a published author and want to get people to read your words. Whether publishing means a blog, social media, a class,  self-publishing, a contract with a big traditional publisher or something in between, it’s HARD. And THRILLING. And exhausting. And exhilarating. And confusing. But also enlightening.

It’s all of those things. Except when it’s not. Except when it’s something totally different. Totally unique to you and your journey.

So what’s a writer to do, right?


Learn when to say YES and when to say Fuck it.

Sometimes you need hugs and gentle love to push you forward, and sometimes you need a kick in the pants and an order to Get. To. Work.

We know, because we’ve been there. The Possibilities Publishing Team is made up of writers, editors, publishers and marketers. We’ve seen the view from the writer side, and from the side of supporting writers to publish their books and achieve their goals.

And so Sparkle&Snark was born.

Our mission is to provide you with products, classes, and a community to keep you focused, keep you energized, and keep you laughing, so you can keep going. Chasing the dream.

We want to hear from you (seriously!) Product ideas? Marketing ideas? Questions? Even critique (but please at least be polite!) Let us hear it! You can find us on the SparkleandSnark Facebook page, or you can email us at Allofthethings (at) Sparkleandsnark (dot) com. Or go right to the source and contact us through the Possibilities Publishing Company  website, Facebook page, or Twitter.