Sparkle&Snark On The Loose!

Sparkle&Snark made its official debut into the world last week as part of the Possibilities Publishing Company’s display at AWP 2017– a huge conference for writers and writing programs and people who love writers (like us!). Our products were displayed alongside Possibilities Publishing Company’s books, and we loved how our mugs would catch someone’s eye as they walked past, often sparking laughs and gasps as they reached out to pick them up.

Sparkle&Snark also sponsored a “Joy Box”, which invited people to “Grab Some Joy” by reaching into the box to find a message of love or joy or inspiration. And time and time again, people pulled the message that was meant just for them. Like the woman who pulled a card that said You add color to the world, and then laughed saying, “I’m an artist!” It was so much fun, it made us want to set up a stand on every street corner and invite the world to grab some joy. 

Now we’re back in the office, and we’re working to refill our stock of our popular “Writer” mugs, as well as roll out some new products!

Stay tuned!