E-Course: Writer2Author: Navigating the Journey

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This six part e-course includes links to webinars along with interactive worksheets that will help you build your road map to becoming a successful author.



Moving from a writer (sitting at a computer creating) to an author (a working, published writer) is HARD.

For a lot of reasons, but mostly because writing is an introverted process while getting published and then promoting your work is an extroverted process, AND it requires a wide and varied set of skills.

There are countless books and webinars and blogs and classes about individual aspects of publishing or marketing or writing but not many holistic programs that look at the entire transformation of writer into successful published author — programs that encompass both the emotional and mental challenges, as well as the technical and logistical challenges.

Until now.

Are you looking workshops + products created from this holistic viewpoint to help you navigate this transition?

If you said yes, then Writer2Author is for you. 

Writer2Author is a multifaceted program designed to help you become the author you are meant to be. 

We believe that authors have their own individual definitions of success AND can lose track of them in the process of getting their writing out into the world. Writer2Author provides a space for you to get clear on your vision of success AND THEN build the exact right road map to help you achieve it.

All artists deserve to be paid for their art. You are worthy of your work and should be paid for it. As a result, we believe that any definition of success as an author must include (but not be limited to) earning money from your writing. Money is an objective and universal measure of value (does the New York Times have a “most enjoyed authors” list? NO, it has a best SELLING authors list). 

SO are you ready?

Then let’s get started! The first step is to download Writer2Author: Navigating the Journey. This is a 6 module, self-paced program that walks you through the major touch points and milestones required to shift from writer to author. 

Additional e-courses will focus in on specific elements and offer a more detailed and instructional approach to that specific topic.

Navigating the Journey will provide you with the information and instruction needed to build a road map for your journey to success.


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