Lemon Refresh and Refine Black Tea


Dear Fabulous Amazing You,

You’ve got work to do in the world! YOU’VE GOT GIFTS TO GIVE US.

We know it can seem overwhelming: deciding which mountain to climb next, which unicorn to lasso.  It’s easy to just stay in the land of “Almost Ready.” But that’s not where the magic lives.

So take a breath. Take a moment with a cup of tea. And then?


We’ve got your back.

So drink up buttercup, and let’s make some magic happen.

You’ve got this.


Sparkle& Snark


This tea is specially formulated to help you through the revision process. Because we know that can be one of the hardest phases in the marathon of getting your book published.

So when you hit that wall – creatively, emotionally, physically, brew a cup of our Lemon Refresh and Refine tea, and take a minute to collect yourself, to honor your yourself and your writing. To honor your process.

As you sip and relax, you’ll clear your mind and sharpen your perspective.

And then? Get back to work.

Made by the tea experts at Ladybird Tea LLC, this loose organic black tea, with a burst of lemon has brewing instructions on the back of the can. Each can provides dozens of cups of tea.



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